Just like adults, the younger members of your family need to see a dentist every six months. Our Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry team works at your child’s pace, providing gentle cleanings to prevent common issues like cavities and gingivitis. 

Since most dental problems in children are preventable, routine checkups and cleanings at a local dental practice are one of the most important steps in helping your child enjoy a cavity-free smile.

Kid’s Dental Exams and Cleanings

Depending on your child’s age, any special needs, and their comfort level, his or her checkup will include things like:

  • A dental cleaning
  • A thorough exam with Dr. Ghatak
  • Gentle polish to remove stains
  • Individualized oral care instructions
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Access to fluoride treatments, sealants, and athletic mouthguards
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Tongue tie evaluation

Kids get tartar buildup too, which can contribute to bad breath, aesthetic concerns, and gum disease. When Dr. Ghatak spots issues early, we can provide minimally invasive dental treatments that preserve your child’s tooth structure, are more affordable, and drastically reduce the chances of your child experiencing a dental emergency in the future.

After every six-month dental cleaning, your child will have a clean, bright smile that’s easier to maintain until their next routine checkup!

Preventative Dental Sealants

During your child’s cleaning appointment, we’ll evaluate the eruption of their permanent molars (back teeth). Usually, their first and second set of molars come in around the ages of 6 and 12, respectively. If the chewing surface is already completely erupted, we recommend sealing them as soon as possible.

Dental sealants are thin, protective coatings that cover the deep fissures, pits, and grooves of the back teeth. They make it easier for your child to brush their smile clean and block out cavity-causing bacteria. In most cases, sealants are covered by insurance at 100% until your child is 14 years old.

Fluoride Treatment for Children

Your child’s teeth aren’t as strong as the ones they’ll have as an adult. Since primary (baby) enamel is less dense, we recommend a professional fluoride treatment at every checkup to remineralize weak surfaces and repel tooth decay.

Pediatric Oral Hygiene Education

Our team provides age-appropriate resources to help children care for their smiles as best as possible. From learning how to brush and floss to making smart nutritional choices, we give your family the resources necessary to significantly lower the risks of tooth decay and dental emergencies.

Orthodontic Screenings

As part of every pediatric dental exam, Dr. Ghatak will check your child’s bite to see how their jaws and teeth relate to one another. Most orthodontists recommend an evaluation for all children by age 7. At this stage in your child’s development, we can take interceptive steps to ensure a healthier smile in the future.

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