Looking for a Pediatric Dentist for an Emergency?

When your child has a painful dental emergency, like a chipped tooth, gum bleeding or loose filling, getting it promptly treated is a priority. As a parent in the Fairfax County, VA, area, you want your child to receive emergency care that’s comforting and convenient, delivered by a dentist who truly cares and understands. At Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry, board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Monamie Ghatak specializes in providing prompt, compassionate emergency dentistry services for patients up to the age of 18.

We Treat Dental Emergencies

Whenever possible, Dr. Ghatak tries to see her emergency patients the same or next day. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, she is highly trained to treat these dental emergencies in the calm, boutique-like surroundings of our Dunn Loring, VA, office:

  • Loose or knocked out teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Tooth abscesses, oftentimes caused by untreated cavities
  • Soft tissue damage and gum bleeding
  • Loose crowns or fillings
  • Bleeding and dry socket discomfort after a tooth extraction

As a mother, Dr. Ghatak fully understands that when your child is upset your top priority as their parent is making them feel comfortable and relaxed. That’s why we sometimes use safe sedation methods like laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to calm kids down so that Dr. Ghatak can address their emergency and get them back home soon.

Why is Prompt Dental Emergency Care Important?

If your child is experiencing one of the dental emergencies listed above, not getting it treated promptly by a board-certified pediatric dentist like Dr. Ghatak could allow harmful toxins to spread into their bloodstream. If your child sustains a head injury resulting in concussion-like symptoms or uncontrolled bleeding, Dr. Ghatak strongly recommends that you take them to the closest hospital emergency department to be promptly evaluated by a physician.  

Dental Emergency Prevention for Kids

No matter how hard you try as a parent, you can’t prevent all dental emergencies. However, you can teach your kids these oral care tips to help reduce the likelihood of injuries to their teeth and gums:

  • Avoid chewing ice, hard candies or popcorn kernels, as those can chip a tooth’s surface
  • Never use your teeth to tear open or cut objects
  • Always wear a custom-fitted sports mouthguard when engaging in contact sports activities

If your child experiences teeth grinding or jaw clenching, especially while sleeping, talk to Dr. Ghatak about the use of a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect their smile from damage.

Pediatric Emergency Dental Care with Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry

When a dental emergency happens, bring your child to Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry, where board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Monamie Ghatak will provide them with the prompt, convenient and compassionate emergency dentistry care they deserve. From our arts and crafts area, to our friendly and fun staff, we use a modern approach to kids dentistry that will help put your child’s mind at ease. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ghatak in the Fairfax County area, please call Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry in Dunn Loring, VA, today at: 571-293-1668!   

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